Iowa Caucus Results Shake Political Equation: Videos of Key Candidate Speeches; Trump Fails to Win, Rubio Posts Strong Third Place in GOP. Sanders Ties Clinton in Democratic Race

On February 1st, Iowa became the first state to register its preferences in the nominating process. The 2016 presidential race moved from the theoretical and from media polling to the actual ballot box. The voters in Iowa confounded the pollsters and pundits with some surprising outcomes.

First, on the Republican side, Dona3guysld Trump, the projected winner did not win. More than that, he lost meaningfully: Ted Cruz won more Republican votes in Iowa than in any previous caucus in history, due in part to high overall turnout fueled by The Donald’s antics. And Marco Rubio, an “establishment” figure, came in a very strong third place, coming closer to Trump than most pollsters predicted.

On the Democratic side, it was a virtual tie: both Sanders and Clinton were within a 10th of a percent of each other in precinct counts. Many precincts were decided by coin toss. Clinton avoided the Iowa upset that Barack Obama delivered to her in 2008, and her campaigns’ preparations for a protracted nominating fight seem to have been worth making. For Sanders, who is expected to win New Hampshire, the tie represents the promise of a young, mobilized electorate that he’s found some success in bringing out to the polls.

If you missed any of the major speeches as results were coming in from Iowa, we have them all below. It promises to be a protracted election season.

Videos from the Major Candidates After the Iowa Polling:

Ted Cruz

Donald Trump

Marco Rubio

Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders