New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Throws Hat in GOP Ring; Latest Governor to Run for President

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for president on Tuesday, June 30th during a town hall at his alma mater, Livingston High School, in Livingston, New Jersey.

Christie, a fiscal conservative notable for his election in traditionally-blue state New Jersey, a gained national praise after he led his state during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, which left devastation in its wake in much New Jersey and Long Island, New York. In the three years since, Christie’s popularity has fallen dramatically, not least due to his supposed involvement in politically-motivated lane closings and slow-downs on George Washington Bridge.


In his speech, delivered without a teleprompter, Christie called for constructive and honest bipartisanship, and said he wouldn’t mislead voters. “I have no interest in being a pretend president of the United States who puts on some act for you,” he told the filled auditorium. He also criticized the Obama administration’s foreign policy decisions, saying he was “tired of hand-wringing and indecisiveness and weakness in the Oval Office.”