Scott Walker: “I’m in” for the Republican Nomination

Scott Walker’s July 13 announcement event.

In a recorded video and a separate campaign speech, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker announced his intention to run for the Republican nomination for president. Emphasizing his history of fighting aggressive, principled political battles during his time as governor, Walker compared himself to the current field of nominees, who, in his words, “haven’t won those battles.”

150713191450-scott-walker-presidential-announcement-bts-tsr-00005510-large-169Walker gained national attention during his time leading Wisconsin for his efforts to cut back the influence of public employee unions, most notably the negotiating power of the state’s teachers’ union. His first campaign advertisement also highlighted his experience negotiating a fiscally conservative budget through the state’s divided legislature. On Monday, he said that his administration “took on the unions and won.”

Walker seeks to campaign from the right during the Republican primary, against “an Obama/Clinton doctrine” in which “America is leading from behind and we’re headed toward a disaster.”

Walker’s recorded announcement video.