About Last Night: Impressions of Donald vs. Hillary Town Hall


Millions of people tuned in Sunday night to watch the expected cage match between two candidates who are grossly unpopular. They both recently had revelations of past statements come to light leading up to what was supposed to be a debate. Let’s be honest it wasn’t a debate —  rather it was a town hall meeting with two very well rehearsed candidates wired to do exactly as their expert consultants told them to do.

Trump, unusually calm, went as deep into the mud hole as he could, threatening to prosecute his opponent should he win and showcasing victims of Bill Clinton’s harassment, sexual advances or worse. Clinton, expressionless throughout, probably told by her consultants to wipe the s*** eating grin off her face that she had on the whole first debate because it makes her seem arrogant, finally made her well practiced statement about Trump’s very un-presidential and frankly gross statements he made in 2005 about sexually assaulting women.

Full disclosure here, I have been accused, rightly, many times in my life of being inappropriate and I dare anyone to say they haven’t either. Those free of sin and saying stupid things shall cast the first stone. It is a male weakness left over from the days when for some reason it was OK to believe that a woman belonged barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen while her husband waited to be served dinner. Shedding generations of that culture is still unfortunately a work in progress for me and millions of other men, yes even here in the US of A. The difference between my ignorance and Trump’s rape fetish is; A –I am at least self aware enough to admit I need to improve and B – no matter how out of line I ever have been I never called for grabbing anyone’s genitals.

Thus, I watched last night, still very much a Hillary supporter, somewhat hoping that the Donald would be at least as contrite as I am when it is pointed out that I sound like a misogynist fool. Oh, how I wished he would have said how he comes from a generation where such talk was wrongly acceptable but he now knows how grossly inappropriate it is and how he balances this particular weakness with self awareness and a constant vow to try and do better. America loves contrite humbled leaders. Instead, he excused it as mere “locker room banter.” I’ve been in a few locker rooms in my time and expressing a desire to force oneself on a woman was never part of the conversation.

debate2gty_debate_hillary_clinton_ps1_161009_12x5_1600The revelations that Hillary Clinton, like so many other politicians says one thing behind closed doors, in this case to Goldman Sachs, and another in public would have buried her candidacy against pretty much anyone candidate other than Trump. Her non-answer to the question about it was actually brilliant – the simple implication to the audience was “wink, wink” I’m a politician, an ambitious hack, so what? You want that pig or me with their hand on the nuclear button?


I don’t know if Hillary Clinton will enact even half of those policies she mastered and gave in detail last night and throughout her campaign. But I am pretty sure Trump won’t make a terrific health care policy, a beautiful wall or destroy ISIS. If he’s elected and yes there still is a chance of that because frankly there are just too many ignorant, stupid people in this country and because blind hatred of Hillary would Rorschach so many of those dolts to vote for a dead Saddam Hussein over her, the most we can hope for is that he let Mike Pence govern while he redecorates the White House in marble and gold plating.

I am not saying that Hillary is some kind of savior, she wasn’t even my first or second choice (I prayed for Elizabeth Warren to run and voted for Bernie), but you can’t deny that she’s brilliant, experienced, has a total command of policy and governance and is more qualified than almost anyone in my lifetime who has sought the office. The country may not go in the political direction you want if she’s elected but you know it won’t go to hell in a hand basket either. You can’t say the same about Donald Trump.

JoelJoel Moskowitz is a businessman and writer who lives in New York. His blog, The Ranting Heeb is available on blogger.com. He is also a regular blogger for the Times of Israel.