Republicans Play “Let’s Make a Deal” in Embracing Trump. Trump Gets Pomp, GOP Gets Supreme Court


Donald Trump is getting the Republican nomination because he convinced primary voters that he would cut the best deals for our country. Cutting deals is what he claims to do best and no deal is bigger than the one he likely cut recently with the Republican establishment. The mainstream media would have you believe that Trump has not attracted the A-List that previous conventions boasted; they are only partially right. For the most part, those Republicans staying away are either former rivals Trump vanquished faster than a speeding bullet or influential party powerhouses who Trump will need if he gets elected and therefore lose nothing by staying away.

Trump the outsider, likely has very little interest in the details of governing but lots of hunger for the spotlight the office will bring him. The choice of Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate is no doubt a signal to rank and file Republicans that they can have their guns, legislation, the Supreme Court and tax cuts — he will get the press conferences, the grand announcements, the state dinners and the world stage. Be warned Congressional Republicans, Trump will take credit for every success and blame you for every failure and if you don’t like those terms, you will be toast. Not a bad gig for a kid from Queens.

Melania Trump at the GOP National Convention on Monday night July 18, 2016

Melania Trump at the GOP National Convention on Monday night July 18, 2016

Throw me in with the conspiracy theorists that believe a Democrat mole or a pissed off speechwriter purposely plagiarized Melania Trump’s address to the convention floor. I can just imagine some talented writer being told to go along with the story that Melania wrote the speech and the writer deciding that if she’s going to be the writer then she’s gonna have to be the plagiarizer too.


Michele Obama said many of the same things word for word in 2008 as Melania Trump uttered on July 18, 2016.

Trump’s unconventional candidacy and unlikely path to the nomination have already made for great political theater. The media gets much of the credit here, their punditry committed journalistic malpractice by constantly predicting his electoral demise. Melania’s appropriation of Michelle Obama’s words will be turned into an advantage for a team whose credo is “any publicity is good publicity.” The candidate’s first night appearance – entering from behind a silhouette of himself is no more fanciful than Obama’s Roman columns in 2008 — and who needs an A-List when you have Rudy Giuliani to yell out race baiting slogans to rile up the base?

If you believe like I do, that the country is divided into two camps each with 40% of the electorate that will vote for one party no matter who the candidate is, then like me you believe the election will be won with a majority of the remaining 20%. Right now Trump has the advantage. He is an outsider in an election year with a really pissed off electorate. His opponent is an unlikable establishment candidate who seemingly stole the nomination from a beloved and likable insurgent whose backers just might sit this election out. He epitomizes the real time 24/7 news cycle and the cult of celebrity we live in today whereas Hillary reeks of moneyed interests and business as usual. He brings out the passions of downsized, left behind white men; her biggest appeal is that she is not he.

This election should be about who gets to pick what is likely to be three or four Supreme Court justices; Trump has turned this into an election about political correctness, being tough and building walls. The reason Republicans are “uniting” behind this candidate is simple; he just cut a deal they both can live with. He will get the spotlight he so desperately craves and they will get a Supreme Court that will gerrymander them into a majority for the next fifty years. If you think it can’t happen – you are delusional. Stay tuned.

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