Takeaway From the DNC II


Bill Clinton is the most naturally talented political persona to hold the office of President of the United States in my lifetime, bar none, including Ronald Reagan. So when he was twenty minutes into his address last night and I was bored to tears thinking that this would be a reprise of his unfortunate performance at the 1988 DNC, Clinton did what he does best; comes back.

Bill-Clinton-at-DNC-010The former president was obliged to talk about the nominee who of course happens to be his wife. It appears that she is not his favorite subject and I felt a great discomfort with the subtext of his very public extramarital dalliances hanging in the air. But Bill Clinton is the comeback kid and somehow manages to pull off awkward moments with ease and grace. Then, when he got to turn his talk into a political one, he rocked the house. The chief of “splaining” stuff drew a very clear contrast between his wife and her opponent. Hearing Bill describe Hillary and all that she has accomplished I was struck not by how historic it is that she is the first woman to be nominated to head a major party ticket but by the question of what took so long?

The cynics will have you believe that she’s been around too long; her opponents will try to paint her as a member of the establishment. Some of us feel that she hasn’t been around long enough and many of us believe that one can hail from the establishment without being of it. Bill’s message was clear last night, Hillary played by the rules, waited her turn, took it on the chin and is now poised to punch the male dominated establishment right in the keester. Yeah, what took so long?

Former President Bill Clinton speaks on behalf of his wife’s candidacy on Tuesday night, July 26th. Full video.

The Democrats are charged with delivering a glossy, flawless convention to contrast with the outsider mess of a Republican convention. Both parties and both candidates will use their respective forums to frame the tone of their campaigns. Donald Trump can legitimately say his is the insurgent candidacy; Hillary Clinton will have to run on competence.

What the Democrats did not address last night is the absolute fear that many people in the USA live in today. There is the fear of terrorism, fear of a rise in crime, fear of poor race relations and fear about the future. Do you blame me for questioning how much Hillary will improve gender bias when the election of Barack Obama has not seemed to improve racial bias? If that’s her only trump card, no pun intended, she’s got a tough fight ahead of her.

The DNC is proving to be long on substance and superbly produced, kudos to them. However, in a year when the electorate is looking for authenticity it might not be enough. So far the DNC is telling us about the Hillary we may not have known until now, what they have to do is make a compelling case that this her year.

JoelJoel Moskowitz is a businessman and writer who lives in New York. His blog, The Ranting Heeb is available on blogger.com. He is also a regular blogger for the Times of Israel.