Takeaway From the DNC Night 3 — Hollywood vs. You Tube Conventions


Full disclosure: my coverage of the DNC is not meant to be fair and balanced. I think I have made it obvious and transparent that “I’m with her.” I have been trying to be objective and after last night I admit, that is no longer a possibility. The RNC was a display of negativity, anger and frustration; the DNC is proving to be an easy glide of gloss, substance and star power.

I’m not saying that the Trump strategy is not a good one; it has carried him this far. Historically, angry, scapegoating, name calling, political leaders have won democratic elections against more polished and knowledgeable opponents. Trump it seems is looking to Putin and Erdogan as models of leadership and not to the 20th Century fascists as his opponents claim. That model might work in Russia and Turkey, God, I hope America has more sense than that. I’m not sure we do and here is why:

Real objectivity must dictate that the RNC simply had no one, I repeat no one, to compare to Joe Biden, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. The RNC produced no Mike Bloomberg to switch sides and bash the opposition. The RNC was an infomercial on what is wrong with America while the DNC’s only negativity was pointed at Donald Trump. The RNC had few charismatic proxies to extoll the virtues of their nominee, the DNC has an all-star cast to prop up theirs. The RNC was sea of older white faces; the DNC a kaleidoscope of diversity.

Speech by Vice President Joe Biden at Wednesday night’s Democratic National Convention. Full video.

Former New York City Michael Bloomberg speaks at Wednesday night’s Democratic National Convention. Full Video.

Democratic Veep Nominee Tim Kaine’s full speech to the DNC Wednesday night.

I would like to believe that undecided voters who tuned into watch a blazingly hot President Obama give an articulate, exciting and logical case to continue his legacy by electing Hillary Clinton would have been sold there and then; I’m skeptical. Elections are not about issues or who is the smarter candidate; elections are about perception, perception of where we are coming from and where we are going. To quote Bill Maher, “Americans frankly can be plain dumb.” Obama, who comes from working class roots and is self-made is considered elitist. Trump, who was born into wealth and was funded by his rich daddy from the get-go is perceived as the champion of the little guy. Obama knew how to get us to crave a better America; Trump has tapped into America’s anger and frustration with the status quo. And somehow, Trump is still very much in this race.

It seems pretty obvious to me that the DNC is doing what it has to do, the logical thing to do — it is creating a glaring difference between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. What it is not doing is selling anyone new on Hillary. Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Hillary have all been on the stage for a while and people are fatigued. Many of these people have favorable opinions of all of them and are still leaning towards Trump because they want someone new and a different direction.

The DNC is giving us a Hollywood convention; the RNC gave us a You Tube convention. You Tube disrupted how we get our visual content while Hollywood was late to adapt to the innovations in technology. See where I’m going with this? I’m with her but I am a white liberal Jew from the Northeast, it’s a big country with a lot of people who don’t see things the way I do and they have the right to vote just as much as I do.

JoelJoel Moskowitz is a businessman and writer who lives in New York. His blog, The Ranting Heeb is available on blogger.com. He is also a regular blogger for the Times of Israel.