FAQ: When Will It Be The Inauguration Day In France?

Does France have an inauguration?

The ‘inauguration day’ is set about ten days after the second round of the presidential election in France, no later than the last day the mandate of the outgoing president. The inauguration of President of the French Republic is now held in the ballroom of the Élysée Palace, the official residence of the presidency.

What day is Inauguration Day 2020?

The 20th amendment to the Constitution specifies that the term of each elected President of the United States begins at noon on January 20 of the year following the election.

How long is the presidential transition in France?

Under Article 7 of the Constitution of France, the President of the Republic is elected to a five-year term in a two-round election. If no candidate secures an absolute majority of votes in the first round, a second round is held two weeks later between the two candidates who received the most votes.

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What time is the inauguration on January 20?

Around noon, the president is sworn in at the Capitol by the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. After taking the brief, 35-word oath of office, the new chief executive delivers an inaugural address, followed by a parade through the city, and an evening of gala festivities.

Who preceded Emmanuel Macron as the French President?


Name (Birth–Death)
22 Jacques Chirac (1932–2019)
23 Nicolas Sarkozy (born 1955)
24 François Hollande (born 1954)
25 Emmanuel Macron (born 1977)


Who was the last president to not attend the inauguration?

John Quincy Adams also left town, unwilling to be present for the 1829 inauguration of Andrew Jackson. Martin Van Buren was, for reasons unknown, not present for the 1841 inauguration of William Henry Harrison. Andrew Johnson conducted a final cabinet meeting rather than attend the 1869 inauguration of Ulysses S. Grant.

Is Inauguration Day a holiday?

When is Inauguration Day? Inauguration Day is a Federal holiday in Washington D.C. in January every four years. Inauguration Day marks the swearing-in of the President-Elect of the United States of America. The official transfer of power takes place at noon on January 20th.

Which president did not use the Bible to take the oath of office?

Theodore Roosevelt did not use the Bible when taking the oath in 1901, nor did John Quincy Adams, who swore on a book of law, with the intention that he was swearing on the constitution.

How long does the French prime minister serve?

Prime Minister of France

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Prime Minister of the French Republic Premier ministre de la République française
Term length No fixed term Remains in office while commanding the confidence of the National Assembly
Constituting instrument Constitution of France
Precursor Several incarnations since the Ancien Régime


How often are elections held in France?

Presidential elections in France determine who will serve as the President of France for the next several years. Currently they are held once in five years (formerly seven). They are always held on Sundays.

How old do you have to be to be president of France?

The minimum age for the President of France is 18.

How do you get tickets for inauguration?

Free tickets for the Inauguration can be obtained through an individual’s United States Senator or United States Representative. To request a ticket through our office, please read the following carefully before submitting a request: Tickets are limited. All ticket requests must be submitted by January 1st, 2021.

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