How To Enter Sorority Inauguration?

How do you use aka inauguration frame?

Use our AKA Excellence Facebook frame to celebrate the launch of the 2018 – 2022 International Targets! Go to your profile, click “Update Profile Picture,” then click “Add Frame ” and search ” AKA Excellence.”

How do sororities recruit?

Rounds. Generally, most sororities do recruitment in four rounds: open house, house tours, skit/philanthropy, and preference. Some sororities may only have three if the sorority doesn’t have a house.

Can you start your own sorority?

Incorporation. Start by recruiting three to five people to serve as founders of the sorority. Look into your state regulations for forming a nonprofit organization. Common steps include choosing an available name, filling out an application and writing a purpose statement.

How long is the pledging process for a sorority?

It’s a Time-Consuming Process Though it varies from organization to organization, you will be on line anywhere from one to three months (and chances are, you will eat, sleep and breathe your soon -to-be sorority that semester).

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Is Alpha Kappa Alpha a sorority?

About Alpha Kappa Alpha: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated ( AKA ) is an international service organization that was founded on the campus of Howard University in Washington, D.C. in 1908. It is the oldest Greek-letter organization established by African-American college-educated women.

What are the five targets of Alpha Kappa Alpha?

The five program targets for 2018-2022 are:

  • Target 1: HBCU for Life: A Call to Action.
  • Target 2: Women’s Healthcare and Wellness.
  • Target 3: Building Your Economic Legacy.
  • Target 4: The Arts!
  • Target 5: Global Impact.

What is the hardest sorority to get into?

Delta Zeta is probably the hardest to get in on our campus. They are known as the exclusive ones.

What should you not say during sorority rush?

The 5 B’s: Topics to Avoid During Sorority Recruitment

  1. Bucks.
  2. Beliefs.
  3. Bush. Politics, in general, actually.
  4. Booze. If you are going through Panhellenic recruitment, chances are whatever house you ‘re at has it written in their bylaws that drinking is FORBIDDEN.
  5. Boys. Don’t talk about your boyfriend.

Do sororities care about looks?

There are some that seemingly ignore appearance. But for the most part, sororities treat appearance like most other parts of society: it certainly helps, but it’s not a deal breaker. Sororities benefit from improving their social presence, and getting hot girls will often ensure their popularity on campus.

Can I start my own fraternity?

First off, starting a fraternity is not something that one man can do alone. The odds of the fraternity actually becoming chartered go up exponentially the larger the size of the original interest group. If it is just you and a buddy, you can pull it off; however, having several guys is preferable.

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What do the sorority letters mean?

Fraternity and sorority names are typically an acronym composed of letters from the Greek alphabet signifying the initials of the words of their secret Greek motto. Basically, a lot of the letters have their own definition and interpretation based off of the name of the fraternity or sorority.

How do I start an independent fraternity?

How to Start a New Fraternity at Your School – A Guide

  1. Research fraternities.
  2. Contact the fraternity’s national board.
  3. Contact your school’s Greek Life office.
  4. Create an interest group.
  5. Affiliate your interest group with a national organization.
  6. Apply for recognition from your school’s Greek Life office.

What sorority was Beyonce in?

Throughout her entire performance, Beyonce made it feel like we were all pledging her sorority, Beta Delta Kappa.

What is sorority pledging like?

Pledging a Sorority During the new member education process, pledges learn more about the organization. For example, a new member might learn the history of the sorority and its values. She’ll meet the other new members and spend time bonding with current members.

Does everyone who rushes get into a sorority?

They only have formal in the spring (first sememster freshmen aren’t allowed to rush, only second sememster). In an informal rush setting, the answer is ‘NO’. In an informal setting, girls come to a rush party (or information night as some people might call it). We meet the prospective members and decide from there.

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