Quick Answer: Jonathan Pie Inauguration How Did He Get In Office?

Is Jonathan pie scripted?

Jonathan Pie is a fictional character created and portrayed by English comedian Tom Walker.

How tall is Jonathan pie?

Never miss a Moment No, I am normal height and @MartinDaubney is 8’10”.

Who plays Jonathan pie?

Actor Tom Walker, who plays spoof reporter Jonathan Pie, has told BBC Radio 5 live that some people don’t believe he is playing a character.

Does Jonathan pie have a podcast?

‎The Comedian’s Comedian Podcast: 233 – Jonathan Pie (Tom Walker & Andrew Doyle) on Apple Podcasts.

Where did Tom Walker attend school?

Walker trained in clowning at the École Philippe Gaulier. His improv awards include the 2007 Sydney School Theatresports Cup (Senior Division) and 2011 National Theatresports Championship.

Who plays Tom Walker on homeland?

Christopher Eugene Chalk (born December 7, 1986) is an American actor. Filmography.

Year 2011–13
Title Homeland
Role Tom Walker
Notes 7 episodes


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