Quick Answer: What Did Michelle Obama Wear At The Inauguration?

Who is Michelle Obama’s designer?

In a plum overcoat, turtleneck, wide-leg pants, and one of Hudson’s signature oversized belts, Obama made a chic statement as she and her husband, Barack, arrived at the ceremony both in matching masks by her tailor, Christy Rilling. Hudson’s designs have become staples within Obama’s wardrobe.

Who sang at Obama’s inauguration?


Performer(s) / Speaker(s) Act
Barack Obama Speech: Voices Calling for Change
Pete Seeger, Bruce Springsteen, Tao RodrĂ­guez-Seeger, and Inaugural Celebration Chorus “This Land Is Your Land” by Woody Guthrie
BeyoncĂ© and entire ensemble “America the Beautiful” by Katharine Lee Bates and Samuel A. Ward


How many inaugural balls did Obama have?

For the 2009 inauguration of Barack Obama, 10 official and 121 unofficial inaugural balls were held.

What Michelle Obama did?

As first lady, Obama served as a role model for women and worked as an advocate for poverty awareness, education, nutrition, physical activity, and healthy eating. She supported American designers and was considered a fashion icon.

How much is Jason Wu worth?

Jason Wu Net Worth: Jason Wu net worth is assessed to be $10 Million Dollars as in 2020. Jason brings in cash from his expert profession as a style originator and artist.

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How do I dress like Michelle Obama?

So, what are the elements of Michelle’s style?

  1. She likes to show off her arms and shoulders.
  2. She loves pant suits.
  3. She is not afraid of color.
  4. She is also not afraid of pattern.
  5. But, she likes monochrome too.
  6. She likes a retro shape.
  7. She has become bolder since leaving the white house.
  8. Her casual style often includes jeans.

Which president did not use the Bible to take the oath of office?

Theodore Roosevelt did not use the Bible when taking the oath in 1901, nor did John Quincy Adams, who swore on a book of law, with the intention that he was swearing on the constitution.

Who performed at President Trump’s Inauguration Day?

The concert, held on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, featured performances by Lee Greenwood (who performed “God Bless the USA”), Toby Keith, 3 Doors Down, DJ Ravidrums, The Piano Guys, and The Frontmen of Country (Tim Rushlow, Larry Stewart, and Richie McDonald).

Who performed at George W Bush’s inauguration?

On the eve of the inauguration, there was a celebration for U.S. authors hosted by Laura Bush at DAR Constitution Hall. Wayne Newton, Brooks & Dunn, and Ricky Martin performed as the pre-inaugural entertainment.

Which president Cancelled his ball?

Pierce was the first President to recite his speech entirely from memory. Cancelled the inaugural ball. Pierce’s Vice President did not attend the Inaugural ceremonies. He was very ill and had gone to Cuba to try to recover at the time of the Inauguration, and was sworn into office there on March 24, 1853.

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Is there an inauguration for second term?

The inauguration takes place for each new presidential term, even if the president is continuing in office for a second term. Recitation of the presidential oath of office is the only component in this ceremony mandated by the United States Constitution (in Article II, Section One, Clause 8).

How many inaugural balls did Clinton have?

After the parade, the president, vice president and their families attended the 11 official inaugural balls held in their honour.

What does the First Lady do?

The role of the first lady has evolved over the centuries. She is, first and foremost, the hostess of the White House. She organizes and attends official ceremonies and functions of state either along with, or in place of, the president.

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