Readers ask: How To Pronounce Inauguration?

What is the meaning of inauguration?

: an act of inaugurating especially: a ceremonial induction into office.

Why is the L silent in Almond?

A: The “ l ” in “ almond ” was silent until very recently. Interestingly, the “ l ” didn’t appear in the first syllable of amandola, the medieval Latin word from which “ almond ” was derived, or in the earlier Latin amygdala, or in the still earlier Greek amygdale.

How do you spell Inauguration Day?

Inauguration Day is the day that the U.S. president is inaugurated —officially inducted into office. Inauguration Day marks the official beginning of the president’s term. Since 1937, Inauguration Day has always been held on January 20 (or January 21, if January 20 falls on a Sunday).

What is the difference between inauguration and opening?

As verbs the difference between opening and inaugurate is that opening is while inaugurate is to induct into office with a formal ceremony.

What part of speech is inauguration?

noun. an act or ceremony of inaugurating.

Does inaugural mean first?

The definition of inaugural is the first or a celebration of a president taking office. An example of something inaugural is the first charity event of an organization.

Do Americans pronounce the L in Almond?

A dig around discussion forums confirms the silent “ L ” is a regional thing in the U.S. as in the U.K. Some Americans ignore the “ L ” in foods like salmon and almond, and others give them the full wellie, saying SAL-mon and ALL-mond. The latest TV commercial for Hershey’s Almond Joy has a subtle “ L ” sound in there.

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Why dont we pronounce the l in salmon?

The word comes ultimately from the Latin salmon, but we got it by way of French, as we did with so many other food words. The French, as was their wont, had swallowed up the Latin L in their pronunciation, so by the time we English borrowed the word, it was saumon, no L in the spelling and so no L in the pronunciation.

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