What Did Paul Ryan’s Son Do At His Inauguration?

Who was speaker of the House before Paul Ryan?

John Boehner
Preceded by Nancy Pelosi
Succeeded by Paul Ryan
House Minority Leader
In office January 3, 2007 – January 3, 2011


How long was Paul Ryan speaker of the House?

Paul Davis Ryan (born January 29, 1970) is an American former politician who served as the 54th speaker of the United States House of Representatives from October 2015 to January 2019.

Which party controlled the House in 2016?

2016 United States House of Representatives elections

Party Republican Democratic
Leader since October 29, 2015 January 3, 2003
Leader’s seat Wisconsin 1st California 12th
Last election 247 seats, 51.2% 188 seats, 45.5%
Seats won 241 194

Is the Speaker of the House always the opposite party of the president?

The Constitution does not require the speaker to be an incumbent member of the House of Representatives, although every speaker thus far has been. The speaker is second in the United States presidential line of succession, after the vice president and ahead of the president pro tempore of the Senate.

How do you become Speaker of the House?

The Speaker is elected at the beginning of a new Congress by a majority of the Representatives-elect from candidates separately chosen by the majority- and minority-party caucuses. These candidates are elected by their party members at the organizing caucuses held soon after the new Congress is elected.

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